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Intimacy, relationships, and life, in general, is complicated. Frustrations or questions are completely normal, but it can be intimidating to unravel those things. 

Take a deep breath and relax - you aren’t alone! No matter how big-or small-your question, we’re ready to offer some guidance. Go ahead, ask us anything.

How does this work?

Your question is sent straight to us, anonymously. We then answer it in an individual blog post or by grouping it into a blog post that’s related to the topic of your question. 

Don’t be shy! You can’t shock us, we’ve truly heard it all. 

What do I need to know about asking questions?

We are eager to help you take steps towards a healthier you. In order to provide you with effective sex education, it would be appreciated if you could provide an accurate reflection of what you’re working through. 

Please be honest and genuine, and also use common sense when choosing your words or even the topic of your question. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Who’s answering these questions?

Kimberly Keiser and MendEd offer you a unique opportunity to work with an AASECT certified sex therapist. 

Because of this, we are also able to offer thoughtful and trustworthy answers to your questions.
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*We often utilize our blog to answer common questions we hear, as well as those submitted anonymously via this page. 

This blog contains general information about sexual and mental health and information on related subject areas. It is not intended to be psychological or medical advice, or serve as a substitute for professional counseling services. If you have mental health or medical concerns, you should consult with an appropriately licensed medical or mental health professional. 

Given the breadth of information in the fields of sexual and mental health, please note that not all questions submitted will necessarily be chosen topics for blog posts. We will do our best to provide information that will best serve our readers. Read our legal disclaimer.
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