About MendEd’s Online Sex Therapist Services

What we do

If you're looking for an expert sex therapist online to find guidance, healing, and transformation, you're in great hands with MendEd. Our online courses are dedicated to helping you navigate and enhance your sexual well-being. MendEd is a modern, dynamic, educational experience. We provide original content through a variety of educational mediums including: high-quality videos, sexual anatomy and physiology, animated videos, guided audio meditations, worksheets, journaling reflections, online psychoeducational support groups, and professional online sex therapy consultation groups – all within a developmental framework for gaining confidence and connection within yourself and your relationships. 

Easily Accessible

All continuing education is provided online so you can follow it anywhere, anytime. You can complete the courses at your own pace.

High Quality

Our online sex clinic offers sexual dysfunction and distress treatment for men and women. All courses are developed based on empirical literature reviews and rooted in over a decade of clinical experience by Kimberly Keiser. 


The courses have been designed to meet the needs of learners who wish to update or advance their knowledge. 


All courses are provided online, which will save you money on accommodation and travel costs.

Meet Your

Kimberly Keiser is a licensed professional counselor, AASECT certified sex therapist, AASECT certified sex therapist supervisor, EMDRIA certified EMDR therapist, and trauma expert providing client care, clinical supervision, and clinical consultation. Kimberly is a researcher in Dr. Kristine Jacquin's clinical forensic neuropsychology lab at Fielding Graduate University. Kimberly develops educational training, presentations, CEUs, and webinars for professional and lay audiences in the fields of sex therapy and trauma therapy. 

After years of working with clients who were experiencing sexual distress and sexual dysfunctions, combined with beginning a research career in clinical psychology, Kimberly became acutely aware of a gap. A gap between the abundance of knowledge produced by professional researchers and published in academic journals that never reached many clinicians after they graduated from their graduate programs and the general public who do not have the training to read and understand academic literature. MendEd was born out of the passion to develop science-based sexual health courses for clinicians and the general public to provide comprehensive sexuality education and evidence-based approaches to improve sexual functioning across the broad spectrum of human sexual diversity and health. Contact our sex therapist online today to learn more about our courses. Whether you need help with erectile dysfunction or trauma treatment, MendEd offers specialized care and support so you can achieve optimal sexual well-being.
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