Are You Ready for a Better Sex Life?

Sep 19
If you struggle to find fulfillment and pleasure in your sex life, you are not alone. Many people want a better sex life but aren’t sure where to begin or why they even struggle to enjoy it. Several factors contribute to a lack of enjoyment in sex, such as age, medical conditions, past trauma, and relational distress. While some people find it uncomfortable to talk about personal issues like sex, seeking help from an experienced and certified sex therapist can help you achieve a better sex life. 

Why a Better Sex Life Is Important

Achieving a satisfying sex life has many benefits. In fact, research suggests enhanced intimacy between couples is crucial for physical and mental health. Frequency, desire discrepancies, gender, and hormone cycles can affect your sex life. However, most people in a long-term relationship desire a fulfilling sex life with their partner. This helps build a solid and lasting relationship, deepens your relationship connections, and boosts self-confidence. 
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Reasons for an Unsatisfying Sex Life

Some people wonder why they experience a less-than-fulfilling sex life. Sexual desire is based on physical, relational, emotional, and psychological factors. Some reasons people may not enjoy sex include:
  • A lack of emotional intimacy with your partner due to trauma, infidelity, ongoing unresolved conflicts, or a lack of connection can affect your desire to have sex.
  • Hormonal imbalances from pregnancy, childbirth, or aging can happen to both genders and prevent you from enjoying sex.
  • Life transitions such as a new job, grief, or a new baby may trigger mental and physical changes that affect sexual enjoyment or performance.
  • Mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression impact sexual desire, arousal, and response.
  • Lack of sex positive education and realistic expectations about sex.
  • Performance anxiety and fear of poor performance during partner sex.
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Achieving a Better Sex Life

It’s natural and healthy to want to enjoy pleasurable solo sex and a fulfilling sexual relationship with your partner. Whatever factors are keeping you from achieving sexual fulfillment, there is hope. Speaking with a licensed and experienced sex therapist can provide the tools you need to enjoy a more satisfying sex life.

MendEd Can Help

We want to help you deepen your relationships through a better sex life. Our certified sex therapist, Kimberly Keiser, can answer your questions and offer resources for your unique sexual needs. MendEd offers an online sexual education course to help you uncover the root cause of intimacy issues, explore your sexuality and sexual arousal and response through guided exercises, and work towards achieving a better sex life.