How To Improve Your Sex Life

You are not alone if you’re experiencing strain with any aspect of your sexuality.
Many people who seek help for problems with sexual functioning carry so much shame. Your body is really smart and perhaps your symptoms actually serve a larger purpose in your overall, internal, and psychological stability. With MendEd courses, you will start to look at your sexual concerns through this lens.

Why MendEd?

This is a deeply personal part of your life. MendEd is here to support you, without judgment, and guide you toward a deeper awareness of your own sexual and mental health. 

Many people who have sexual concerns are focused on the end goal, but good sex is not about the ending — it’s about the process.

For that reason, this course will focus on your process. You can go through this content, do the exercises from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, and progress at the exact pace that’s comfortable for you. 

As you work through the systematic process in this course, the physical symptoms will give way to a narrative that holds the key to symptom relief. You’ll be able to notice how the various components of a negative feedback loop involving thoughts and emotions have created or maintained your sexual distress or dysfunction — and most importantly how you can address that. 

This is not a replacement for therapy. It is encouraged that you see a therapist while taking this course. MendEd is meant to be educational and experiential and to start you on your journey toward sexual health. 

The goal is to help you start understanding sexual distress and dysfunctions, learn mindfulness principles and exercises — specifically tailor-made for this process, understand your negative feedback loop, and begin to work toward healthy sexuality with a positive feedback flow.