What Causes a Man to Be Unable to Climax?

Jan 22
Delayed ejaculation (DE) is the prolonged delay or inability to climax during sexual intercourse. Approximately 1 to 4% of males suffer from this issue, which can impact their mental health and sexual enjoyment. DE is considered a type of sexual dysfunction, and sex therapy can help you identify the underlying causes and discover solutions so you can enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Delayed ejaculation, also known as delayed orgasm, can cause frustration and a decrease in sexual satisfaction in men, because it prevents them from enjoying the release of a climax. While there is no specific timeframe for an orgasm to occur, delayed satisfaction can affect the sexual experience for both partners. Professional treatment and sex therapy can help men restore their sexual enjoyment.

Symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation

Men who suffer from DE will experience varying symptoms, which may also vary with each sexual encounter. Some men may feel extreme fatigue, as it may take 30 minutes or more to reach climax. Others may experience pain, soreness, and frustration as they try various forms of stimulation to achieve orgasm. 
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Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

The average time for men to reach orgasm is about 5 to 7 minutes. There are several physical and psychological reasons why delayed ejaculation can occur. Whether they’re experiencing stress or an underlying medical issue, DE can happen for several reasons:

  • Prescription medications can trigger hormonal imbalances, leading to depression.
  • Chronic stress can create emotional and psychological problems, preventing orgasm.
  • Some men may have a blockage in their penis, preventing sexual release.
  • Excessive masturbation can form psychological expectations regarding the climax timeframe.
  • Anxiety, depression, or other psychological limitations can prevent the mind and body from relaxing enough to achieve orgasm.
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Find Recovery With MendEd

If you or your partner suffers from delayed ejaculation, there is hope. With the help of a certified sex therapist and online sex therapy courses, you can identify the causes of your specific condition and enjoy sex once again. At MendEd, our certified sex therapist can help you enjoy a satisfying sex life. Our online sexual education courses can help you explore the source of your sexual dysfunction and improve your quality of life. Enroll today or contact MendEd to learn more.