Grievance Procedure

If you’re unhappy with the course for any reason, please email within 30 days of purchase to discuss options. 

The person with a grievance will first try to informally resolve their grievance by contacting Kimberly Keiser with the issue concerning the training, its delivery, the evaluation method, or technological issue.

If the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the resolution through informal means, the aggrieved person shall put their grievance in writing to the Kimberly Keiser.

Mend Education, Inc. and Kimberly Keiser will then consult with appropriate personnel at the organization that have approved the course to find fair methods of resolving the grievance.

If the aggrieved person is not satisfied with the solutions put forth, then they will be directed to put their grievance in writing and contact the appropriate organization, e.g. AASECT or state in which training has been provided. The appropriate AASECT personnel can be reached at

The AASECT CE Provider Mend Education will abide by any decisions regarding resolution of the grievance.

Contact Information:

Kimberly Keiser

Mend Education Support